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Without realizing it, many care facilities can apply for additional funding such as grants and funds. Your organisation may as well be eligible for extra financial support. The government uses grants to reach their policy objectives. As a result, eligibility depends on government policy and availability of budgets. It is therefore important to stay up-to-date about recent developments regarding subsidies. Our Care & Welfare team at Hezelburcht strives to improve the Dutch care sector. They are informed about the possibilities and know how to match your projects and activities with these opportunities.

Funding for Dutch foundations

Is your organisation a foundation with a focus on Dutch society? Then you and your projects/investments may receive financial support through funds. Funds are initiatives by private organisations using their own assets to reach certain goals. These goals are related to specific groups such as the elderly or people with disabilities. Your (geographical) location is also relevant to which funds you can receive.

Hezelburcht analyses the possibilities and is transparent on when there are no possibilities. We offer services such as advice in applying for grants and support your organisation in every step of the grant application process from liability to accountability and so on. Interested in what Hezelburcht could do for your Dutch care and/or welfare organisation? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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