Ruud Lemmens, MSc

Ruud Lemmens, MSc


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0211 8220 4040


Ruud has been managing director at FirstBlue since November 2022. After leading several development departments, Ruud feels it is time to get involved in streamlining the process within the organization.

One of the most important elements in engineering and development is often funding. At FirstBlue, I am able to meet the demand for new, innovative concepts to meet the challenges ahead in the areas of alternative means of transportation, alternative energy sources, greater sustainability and the development of new products with a lower environmental impact throughout their life cycle, at an interesting time.

I work in a growing, international team in our Düsseldorf office, which has already been transformed from a start-up (2 years ago) to a mature, growing and solid corporate structure. This means that we go through exactly the same transformation that our clients often go through.

In my free time, I like to combine my office work with physical activities such as golfing, restoring old cars and spending time with my family.

Working at Hezelburcht

Since November 2022


Industrial Design (MSc)| Eindhoven University of Technology


Security systems, building management systems for automotive engineering


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