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SDE+ for the production of renewable energy

The Dutch government has opened up a € 12 billion subsidy budget for the production of renewable energy in 2018, called the SDE+. The main goal of the SDE+ is to subsidize the most efficient renewable technology. The grant is available for the production of renewable electricity, gas and heat or a combination of renewable heat and electricity (CHP). The grant subsidizes the difference between the cost price for fossil- and green energy and the market value of the energy supplied. Grants are allocated for periods of 8, 12 or 15 years. Companies, institutes and (non-profit)organisations can apply for the SDE+.

Subsidy applications SDE+

The budget opens in two different calls. The first call of 2018 closed on April, 5. From October, 2 until November 8 the second call of the year is opened. Each call has three different phases in which applicants can submit their application. The maximum cost price rises each phase, while at the same time the risk of budget depletion increases.

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