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The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) supports trans-European networks and infrastructure in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors.

Through CEF Transport, the EU strives to complete and improve the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) which consists of a core network (to be completed before 2030) and a comprehensive network (to be completed by 2050). CEF Transport supports projects which contribute to the TEN-T network, e.g. by solving bottlenecks, supplying missing links, or providing cross-border connections. CEF Transport also supports projects in the fields of ITS, ERTMS, SESAR, Motorways of the Sea and sustainable (“green”) transport.

The EU’s energy infrastructure is aging and, in its current state, not suited to match future demand for energy, to ensure security of supply or to support large-scale transmission of energy from renewable sources. For both electricity and gas, the upgrading of existing infrastructure and the development of new energy transmission infrastructure of European importance will both require substantial investments in the years to come. CEF Energy supports projects of common interest (PCIs), which reinforce the trans-European energy network (TEN-E), by offering grants and financial instruments.

CEF Telecom supports projects which serve the EU’s objectives and priorities for broadband networks and digital service infrastructure in the field of telecommunications. The digital service infrastructure projects supported by the programme include those in eDelivery, eHealth, eInvoicing, Public Open Data, Safer Internet, eProcurement, eIdentification, eSignature, and Online Dispute Resolution.


Budget 2014-2020: € 33.2 billion.

Pijlers: Transport, Energy and Telecom.

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